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My name is Haley Nichols

My Approach

haley nichols model

I want to be the type of person that if you need a 30 minute phone call with or a two hour phone call with.. I'm there and I'm sure I will have advice to help you get through whatever it is you need help or advice on. Even if you just want to have someone to talk to, I can be that person.

Haley Nichols Model Morale
Haley Nichols Model Morale
Haley Nichols Model

Why Me?

I will fill you in and give you the ACTUAL rundown of the modeling world and how things work as of right now. I am still a full time model and have been the past 4 years. I am only 21 years old but have experienced so much and want to be able to be that person to help you however you may need. I dont want it to feel like a class or lesson from someone who hasnt been in the industry in years or trying to pressure you to start modeling, I just want to be that person who  you can go to for tips and advice about this crazy, yet wonderful industry.

Haley Nichols Model Morale
Haley Nichols Model Morale
Colorful Lights


My First Job was for a cover of Vogue Italia

I flew to nyc with my mom not even knowing if I got the job or not but my agent told me I had a better shot of getting it if I was in nyc. I met with the casting director outside of her brooklyn apartment and the next day shot for Vogue!


I Have Always Dreamt of Modeling

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to model. I always told people I wanted to be in fashion  and they assumed I meant a designer or stylist. I was scared of telling anyone my goals fearing people would judge me.


I'm A Younger Sister

I have an older sister who is two years older. She is my absolute best friend! I have learned how to communicate and listen through her and I know how to girl talk for sure!


I Love to Keep Active

I travel a lot so its hard to go to the gym so I've learned to keep active by going on long walks (try to get 10k steps a day in) and I love doing at home workouts.. even if its just a ten minute workout.

Facts About Me

My Story

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to model.. I was always told "wow, you need to play basketball!' or "wow, you need to model" I tried basketball but after getting told I was too "dainty" I decided modeling was more my speed. One day when I was 17 years old, my mom and I decided we were going to go to New York City and go to a few open calls for a few  different agencies to see if I actually had a chance in this industry. 

Coincidently, the weekend before I was supposed to fly out to nyc, I got a dm on instagram from my now mother agency that's based in Austin, Texas! I told them my plan and they offered to set up meetings with 13 different modeling agencies including (Ford, Next, Elite, The Society, and IMG) in exchange for me signing with them after my trip. I ended up getting 8 contract offers and decided on going with IMG which was my dream agency since all the top models I knew were with IMG. I signed with both my mother agency and IMG the day before my senior year of high school. I can say with extreme confidence that was the best first day of school ever.. feeling like I finally had a plan and a career in sight after school. I decided not to apply to any universities and follow my dreams of being a full time model. 

Then... Covid-19 hit and my dreams got put on pause.. I had no idea what to do and if I would be able to model at all since the world was going through a pandemic and definitely wasn't worrying about needing models or not. I waited it out for a few months while I finished high school and luckily I had a great team behind me and somehow still was able to make it to Paris Fashion Week in September 2020 and had an amazing two months of work with brands like Chanel and Givenchy. 

I then moved to New York City where I modeled full time for a year and a half, this is where I feel like I learned and grew so much as not only a young model in the industry but as a 18 year old girl living on her own in a huge city from a small town in Texas. I went through just about anything you can think of in the industry such as switching agencies, meeting friends (and sadly people that weren't so friendly.) I have the craziest of stories from this time in my life and the funny thing is, I know so many models that move to the city have very similar stories. Some I wish I did and didn't do, but hey.. thats just life. 

After my lease ended in New York City, I was feeling extremely stuck in the city and a-little unfulfilled with my modeling career. I knew I had to get out of new york. I realized that I felt like traveling around the world and living out of a suitcase for a bit and let the wind (and my agency) take me wherever was best. I moved to Los Angeles and then Milan and went through a whole lot of traveling, money and feelings...good and bad. Traveling around and living out of a suitcase for about a year gave me a second awakening and is what inspired me to create this endeavor. 

This is a very summarized story of my career and if you want I can explain in better detail anything you want to learn more about!

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