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Deep Dive Into Each One Of These Topics

(Or whatever you want to discuss) 

There is a huge range of things i'd love to help you with whether that's helping you decide what to wear to castings or how to handle yourself on a job/set.

  • Starting in the Industry
  • Mother Agencies
  • Digitals
  • Getting Scouted
  • Types of Modeling
  • Agency Meetings
  • Scams in the Industry
  • How to Dress for Castings

Modeling Basics

The Job Itself

  • Networking On and Off the Job
  • Traveling Alone
  • Social Media and Content
  • Different Markets
  • Getting Paid
  • Dealing With Rejection
  • Posing
  • Different Jobs/Shoots
  • How To Get Your Pictures Back
  • Performance on Set
  • Complaining?!
  • Speaking With All People
  • Exhibit Confidence Wherever
  • Being on the Phone
  • How to Deal with Feeling Uncomfortable at Times
  • Difficult Photographers?
  • When to Speak Up

Behavior On Set

Balancing Life

  • Meeting Models
  • Working Out
  • Dealing With Promoters
  • Feeling Pressure to Change
  • Feeling Homesick
  • Being Safe in Situations
  • Balance Life with Work
  • Feeling Unfulfilled
  • Loneliness while Traveling

(and so much more)

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