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Experienced Personal Model Consulting

Get advice on how to start, build AND maintain your career in the Fashion Industry.
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Unlock Your Model Potential with Model Morale 

It's All About You!

A chance to speak one on one with a signed,  worldwide fashion model and learn more about what the fashion world has to offer, as well as tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Parents/ Guardians always welcome on this zoom or phone call!

Whichever you prefer.


I believe in making your dreams and goals a reality. After 3 years in the industry and counting, I realized how much information that I was missing in the beginning to really propel me to where I wanted (and needed) to be. I wish I had a friendly face to talk to and learn from when starting out as a fresh face from Austin, Texas and moving to Paris and then NYC all at 18. Now, after traveling the world for modeling, my passion is to empower models to feel their most confident walking into that agency meeting or even boarding your first flight to Paris for Fashion Week! 

Why Model Morale?

The modeling world is a tough, scary new world for most people to try to navigate. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take that next step to where you want to be, I am prepared to help you make the most out of every opportunity the modeling world has to offer, trust me there's a lot! Its a strange industry and I know you (and probably your mom) have some good questions to be answered!

With Model Morale, You can choose between a One on One chat or a Group Discussion with a few other people that are all curious about the modeling industry. This can be a friend group, or random people from all over the world who can help build connections and friendships who have the same interests as you! 

Every Chat will be over a Zoom Call, for however long you choose. I offer 30 minute, One Hour and Two Hour chats.

Parents/Guardians Welcome!

How Model Morale Can Help

I have a great deal of topics (and stories) i'd love to share to help you in any way you may need or even if you just have a question or need advice, I GOT YOU! 

Whether that's how to stand out at a casting or making new friends in strange cities, I've been through it all and wish I had someone to help me when I was just starting out. I want to be someone that you can always come to who knows the answers to your question that your mom or agent might not.

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